Project Site: Daily Deals Site

Acquired in 2016 is a daily deals site. was a domain that was registered by its former owner during the domain typo's gold rush of the early 2000's. Created in 2001, this site gained great traction simply due to the proximity of the i to the o on the keyboard. At this time Google was unable to parse out the intent of search queries as effectively as it can today, and as a result, typos generated a lot of traffic. The original about page stated:

Passwird is a fourth year student at University of California, Riverside. He is the product of a fiery, coupon-clipping mother and beyond frugal father. If there were a Penny Pincher of the Year award, he would be a perennial contender for the title. He sheds a tear watching anyone pay full price for anything. To be brief, money saving and deal hunting run deep through Passwird's veins.

Since acquiring it there has been continual improvements to the measurement, monetization, and architecture of the website. This website is a daily deals website with hand picked daily deals, and no user generated content.

As it is a daily deals affiliate website it needs to be regularly updated, and requires a high volume of traffic in order to properly monetize. In addition to the online travel affiliate space, this site has required a deep investment of time and energy in understanding the direct to consumer affiliate space. This site is a member of the: amazon affiliate program, Commission Junction (CJ), Rakuten Marketing, eBay partner network, Skimlinks, Share a Sale, Groupon affiliate, Impact, and more.

This site has also opened up opportunities to participate in the publisher (sell) side of the programmatic advertising world, and opened back the curtains to understanding that world as well. The site participates in AdSense and Sovrn.

And finally as a fun fact, this site is so old-school that it has been featured on lifehacker, crunchbase, and PCWorld.